Most of the organs retain their weight and size, while the brain
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the temple-bone. The discharge from the ear began when
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change. We acknowledge the great-heartedness of the
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2. The Remittent Fever now prevailing in the United States Army,
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51. The Recognition of the Macroscopic Structure of the
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pleasurable, they soon become intense, and the patient feels burning
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found, upon examining the lungs carefully, that a cav-
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Barlow and Warner have called attention to the development, in the
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for the susceptible to visit the endemic area, whether
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The surgeon weors spurs, being a field officer, and of major's
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brane divided across its anterior aspect, uniting the ends of
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suitable truss as soon as he leaves the bed, and wear it
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Du.Brinsmade's resolution was then adopted, and the
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advice was taken about the swelling, which had not increased much
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the utmost circumspection on the part of the patient. Jaundice is
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the term " pyonephrosis " is employed. When the obstruction to the flow
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The pus burrows, forming channels, sometimes in a number of
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diseases of the liver may be readily estimated. It is an ex-
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hours before the transfusion the stomach was washed out, and
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ferred to the lancet, and relieves without depriving