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Simultaneously, every effort was made to solve the etiology.
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a wet towel. This proves a safeguard to the injurious in-
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mentally the temporary changes might be produced, as
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at the house at eleven. The patient told me she had
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mercury, charcoal and dragon's blood, beside white arsenic,
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The pulmonary Aalve of the heart was composed of four cusps.
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We have called attention to those cases where both diseases commence
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multiplied by the ounces of urine passed in twenty-four hours, multiplied
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with an incision eighteen or twenty inches long, from the ensiform
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of Paris, and he has treated some 2000 patients with Va,n
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M., Lond., 1898-9, i, 115.— Pcllerean (E.-G.) Pathologie
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careful examination of the chest failed to yield any evidence
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strumipriva was so great as to warrant us in laying down
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two former to combat the original affection, and the three
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high and firmly fixed, yet in both cases suffered infinitely
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Aural Complications in Measles. — By Prank Gray, M.D., Port
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shod. Arches or supporting shoes should never be used, but, instead,
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that medical advice is sought. The pain Medicine the case of a secondary syphili-
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have already been mentioned, it is necessary to take some notice here.
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afflicted with considerable urethral irritation, the result
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veins of the right lung, when it was compressed, were released by the
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FallopieylUh trub. [Primary tuberculosis of the Fallopian
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nerve to the face. 1. V, ophthalmic division; 2. V,
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Under Part 3, Title 2, Section 4, 5 and 6, definite instruc-
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speaker even with the entire output of a 4 K. W. apparatus
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(6) Decrease in Volume of the Muscles; Muscular Atrophy
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the importance of a careful study of the vast body of facts bearing upon the