looked in comparing it to other organs ; nor should we

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may be accepted subject to the approval of the Editor. All

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the definition and limitation of the term ? If so we need another.

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experienced in seeing, at the same time, the corpuscles and the

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results, that in an adult with no previous brain disease, almost the entire

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of the case. The benefit often derived from the springs of Karlsbad,

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Abdominal and Pelvic Surgery. Extracts from clinical lectures and society

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chlorid and formic acid mixture. The author has found the

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is actually lessened in temperature, when the surface thermometer is made

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greatest precaution shctuld be taken to prevent fluid

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Pusf-rnortem Examination. The brain and its membranes appeared quite

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rhagic effusions, the result of inflammation, are not infrequent in the

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welfare of his native town, particularly its educa-

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during the last two years the cerebral arteries presented more or less

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ing with the inner os, the apex with the external os (v. Fig. 1) ; in other

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pemphigus, but whether this be really the same as the ordinary pemphigus

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in a lifetime, and with all the credence and respect that

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are reflected upwards. The fascia joined the muscles in

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This patient made an uninterrupted recovery from the opera-

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the following : they mix of sulphur p. >£• =• of scissile alum p. X- =• of nitre p. X-

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not peptonize more than half a pint to one pint at a

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prescriptions were sent out to ordinary druggists, to co-

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August 26th. — The urine of the twenty-four hours measured

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Dr. J. Baxter Upham, of Boston, in his " Additional Beflections upon the Late

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localized, and vomiting checked, I would advise operation for the removal of the

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the variety broiifrht from Havana, and even, in some instances, the

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the volume of a small orange, and filled with a brown dirty-

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Dr. M.WWKIili felt gratified that his paper had provoked such an interesting

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show themselves, with difficult breathing and a cough resembling

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In recognition of this fact Baccelli himself advocates the

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sions in three. In 28 cases there was evidence of rickets; all except ei^ht

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mcnorrhcea, as illustrated by cases of Menstrual Retention."

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de pelletierine. Rec d'ophth.. Par., 1880, 3. a., viii, 141-