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For the following facts in relation to the first cases of fever, I am indebted

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by the fingers ; when dried, they usually split, and finally break down

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injury, the strip of adhesive plaster is the best method of treatment.

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follicular amygdalitis in general, but I claim that the

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When the pain is due to true gall-bladder colic, in-

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in the left leg than in the right ; after a number of such

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which is due to this cause is developed so gradually,

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diseases must be considered very active, I noticed that

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towns, by Dr. Millard {Pub. Health, London, No. 7, vol. xiii.), we have

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■which may be right or wrong, but at all events is not

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treatment of this disease came from my use of carbolic

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bone. There was also found a comminuted fracture of the upper end of

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whisky and two ounces of tincture of nux cued, said : "Just let me alone, I am crazy."'

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This statement will hardly be disputed by any one, 1 think.

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Medical Council in a province has a very important work to perform ; there is no Dominion

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and are scarcely ever as intense as Hartmann describes them. Amid more

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with the reply, " They did not have true cases of knock-

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and mercurial cachexia. " He also noted its development as a sequel to

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bination was the third and fourth leading cause of external

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She recovered naturally from the chloroform, but next day

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Mr. C^sAR Hawkins : Not as separate from the other.