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western States, conduces to bring about calculous disorders, we have no means

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modified by Kocher, who called it the " peri-patellar sut-

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dominal pregnancy and everything was clear. The head in this

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nacetin, has received more attention in this country as well as

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patients, I keep a bag of ice in close proximity to

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mosphere gets rapidly cooler, it is very easy to catch

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or tonsils, and there never exists the odor so char-

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pain is intense, and especially if it be paroxysmal, it frequoitly causes

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Dr. H. O. Marcy, who has recently reviewed the exist-

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subject which has of late attracted so much attention.

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case was less than 0.1 gm., while a few days later it had risen to more

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The OS during an interval is soft, flabby, and easily stretched ; durĀ«

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the large majority of cases convalescence is at all impeded by the suffering,

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de-sac behind the uterus, and the Other ovary Otherwise the table is a good picture of shock.

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service. Fluid by mouth is given freely. Vomiting is a more

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The sixth consequence, " collapse from disease," is also the

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lated procedure of pelvimetry was, and had long been, the subject of much