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likewise attended by negative results. Inoculations into guinea-pigs were

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patients on our "exophthalmic goitre" list. This includes a total

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at the right bjise posteriorly. .Auscultation shows grunting respir:i1inii

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0-00003 gm. of ' Bayer 205 '. Similar results were obtained in mice infected

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epidemica. Policlin., 1921, Sez. Prat., 28, 575-82.

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case of tuberculosis of the skin it was found that the penetrative action of

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Sarailhe' used the ' serum hdmopoie'tique ' of Carnot in malarial anaemias

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animals have confirmed this observation and point to a possible analogy

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It was reported that he had never had the vaccine, and though

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years, who presented many symptoms of duodenal ulcer, but had

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spinal fluid is practically proportional to the amount of globulins present.

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cially the cerebral arteries, or of eventual kidney atrophy below

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tied and placed on a table, with a view to make a sufficient

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assistance of one or more medical gentlemen of this place.

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and Surgery, third series, Vol. II. p. 426. The signs, or marks,

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themselves, as it will enable every individual to exert his tal-

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October 16. Pale and hard to rouse. This morning had two hemorrhages.

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Treatment. Schulmann and Desoutter remark that whatever its mode

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transection of the spinal cord or of the brain behind the middle of the pons.

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node was injected through a fine needle into a conspicuous lymphatic

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Mayer, a Munich neurologist, who attributes the insomnia to irritation

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tions relating to the car itself? And what hint at the real conflict

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erection of hairs, but even in the presence of fever there is an entire absence

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metallic mercury, 22-5 per cent, copper sulphate, 9-8 per cent, ferric oxide.

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cup, which remained fluid the longest time had the strongest

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medica, which possesses any great tonic power, which will not,

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from the arm, especially in the spring of the year, and that it al-

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* I am inclined, from what I have seen in such cases, to think that

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Case X. — ^January 7, 1913. Gastric ulcer. Rev. C. R., male, aged

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functional integrity of the alimentary canal in tuberculosis, even if it