is the effect of quinin upon the disease. Kemp has made a microscopic,
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sorption from the stomach (four hours being the shortest period it is safe
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system, and thus impairing the functions of the organs depending upon
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day, reaching one gram (about 44 per cent), the average quantity during
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distended, affording some compensatory action to tide the patient over
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accomplished by mural placards, stating simple, plain facts about the way
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covered with some impervious material or left uncovered. This ob-
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accounts for much of the decrease of consumption of spirits,
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to showing the constant presence of these micro-organisms in typhus
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to retain the fluid as long as possible. On the following day the tem-
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that the patient cannot be persuaded to remain in bed.
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functions, or may be of germ origin so far as the leukomaines
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leading to each can. Purchasers would then see what they
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pressure by nitroglycerin, and possibly save your patient from
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sium bromid, gr. x (0.648), and tincture of cannabis indica, TTLx (0.666),
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Insanitary, adj. Xot sanitary; n. — Insanitation, want of
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by cold sponging and affusions, with the internal administration of
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The sulphocarbolates of zinc and of sodium, on account of their breaking
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(1) The Papule. — At first there is a hyperemia of the papillae of the
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without treatment. But even in these cases the rapid improvement
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tear, for, remember, it comes in various forms, and the neu-
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tongue " Avithout a development of the rash. This may also occur in
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be regarded as proved that a causal connection certainly exists between
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Turkish bath, because it permits a more abundant supply of oxygen as
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mixture of proper consistence, allowed sufificient time for the
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liave recently been nnotticiaily estimated at 100,00(1. On the basis
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of 105", with delirium, stupor, etc. ; but when he appears to be com-
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be due to the fact than an attack of malaria may leave the body of the
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of instances. An examination should, however, be made for some
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rare event), its desiccation begins on the ninth day (the twelfth day of
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improvement effected in certain water-supply and sewer systems — e. g.
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A large iiKHk'rn i)rivato house, near tlic (■(unci- of College
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deservedly been followed by the profession in other respects, fallen
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line. If a gouty patient is weak and needs proteid diet, eggs
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(3) Local measures have always held a prominent place in the treat-
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may be softened, while the Jcidnef/s not rarely manifest the changes
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The tub is now filled with water at 100° F. and the patient is-
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disappeared, except it be during the hot season. These precautions are
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here in large numbers to the vessel wall and emigration has become