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dyi^nea, edema and cyanosis. A pericardial and an endocardial murmur
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casses pass than should exist, without being in a separate room. Directly over these
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United States. The main conditions necessary for epi-
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and as soon as this report is received by the employee whose duty it is to mark rejected
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22. Knowlton, F. p., and Starling, ,E. H.: J. Physiol., 1912,
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145. ^Phillips, J.: ^'Congenital malfonnation of the oesophagus,
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served. Ill these cases there is usually excessive tolerance for carbohy-
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Collier, Alfred Chillicothe Dowell, Horace S Chillicothe Vandiver, Virgil D. . . .
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society meeting, and the proceedings appeared in his name (loc, cit.
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The method used has been to mix together quickly outside four or five
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bacilli which had been cultivated artificially for four generations
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the average price paid for the steers. The average price paid for
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with only an occasional chief cell present.” (Dr. F. C. Narr.)
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NaOH to 100 c. c. of solution is usually satisfactory.
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f,.nn. .1 •o.,,... has |.....n .-.• -l. -, not 1...'.. o thr
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stained, granular nuclei. Here and there the cells are arranged around a
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A Case of Pulmonary Moniliasis in the United States.
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ment in cars, boats, or other vessels for a longer period than twenty-eight consecutive
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TliM tlir UM.tnr .Tntrrs M.v lo,-;.tr,l ill ill.' iiiriis Nvl.i.'h XV r Iwivc just
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sumption within the State. In fact, there Is no way for the Inspector to determine
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dairy herds, for this disease prevails to a very much greater extent
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Mechanical Stage. Complete with three Achromatic Ob-
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It is ]ira<'tieally aliseiit. mr e\am|ile, in tli(> do^. The de-rree to Mliiidi
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previously, but to have been subject to indigestion from birth, was mal-
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Scharlach R are more transparent and show more detail than do sec-
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calling these malignant tumors, but, in view of the
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position, irritation of the skin of the le. will cause the flexion of the
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14 years, and judging from appearances few of those in which we have
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such as have been described by Heiberg and Weichselbaum, the hypotii-
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which is derived or prepared from any portion of the carcass of cattle, sheep, swine, or
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Conn., in cooperation with the Storrs Experiment Station, have
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very little to do with tl ;iuse of diahetes. In the vear |ss!t Mjnkouski
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I feel, then, that the only logical approach in de-
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under the immediate supervision of inspectors of the Bureau in the
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large, clean room In which incased sausages were being washed in a machine. The
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Pliysiiiliicy. II. Yimi'iL' ■!. I'entlaml, I Inn, ISilH.
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was observed that workmen were engaged in cleaning the floors, benches, and various
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The Effects of Concentrated Hyperimmune Rabbit Serum in
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7. Kling, Pettersson and Webnstedt : Investigations on Epidemic
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(a) If, in the Judgment of the Secretary of Agriculture, the retail butcher or retail
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monia, Folin; acid excretion, Henderson and Adler; hydrogen-ion con-