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provements of the age. The firm of Leroy & Co. are the only manufac-
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done in the way of antisepsis, since it is impossible for us to
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cases, however, new growths encroach upon the pleura by penetration from
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1920 begin to mope alone, complain to his wife that his fellow-
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was in the writer's possession upwards of two years.
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Case II. — Mr. J. operated on several times with the litho-
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In lichen agrius, rest in bed may be required ; with lime-water
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It is the intention of the War Department to cooperate in the fullest,
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the regular practitioner often attaches too little imj>ortance. When
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ments may arise as the result of morbid conditions of the mind,
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Pyelitis caused by calculi will be likely to be limited m one kidney, but if
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groin. Recovery was complete in two weeks. In tlie second
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acid. Turk uses a 1 per cent, solution of acetic acid and adds gentian- violet (1 :
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forms of ambustio are followed by satisfactory recovery, but too
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Congenital excess takes the form of pigmentary moles or ncevi ; these
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tilled cherry -laurel water, musk, castoreum, asafcetida, or even anti-
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even to those of our Profession who either can not or will not
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:horitative explanation of tlie Code should be made,
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tion of the Inspector-General of the Medical Depart-
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intends not to excite the profounder passions of his audience, is best shown
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Doctor — Hum! I don't know — take a — take a good stiff julep — plenty of