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on the " Diseases of the Muscles," for the " Twentieth
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It is the most practical non-irritating antiseptic absorbent ever em-
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combat a localized inflammation. The ice-bag should be moved from one area to
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scopic inspection of the parts. WTiile this is a common affection everywhere,
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need it.” Perhaps in part for this reason, he found Miracle
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think that we can get as good detail with the heaviest possible
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be opened over the tumor if it can be felt; if not, in
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J — , third child, dead, constitutionally feeble.
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5. McKenzie R: Laparoscopy. NZ Med J 74:87-91, 1971.
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cause, is it reasonable to assign the cures to anything but to the faith of the patients;
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eral system and improve the nutrition will have a most
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hall seated on a platform. The hall was filled with people, and these
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use of salicylic acid and its salts has led to a form of chronic poisoning
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in the place you intended to deposit it. When once de-
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must be determined. Third, since it is difficult to position the mirror center, the mirror
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experienced great pain at the tumour, so that he " thought he
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feeling; in fact, feeling may begin almost coincidently
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twelve pills a day. In every case the pains were quieted,
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had occurred. For none of the attacks was there an obvious cause. The
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found it very successful. What has pleased me most, from a
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inrnii^md .li'iuc. thi- i- nut .m uiui.nimnn mxurrciKe. .ind tlio damaL'e
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tween twelve and twenty-four hours after perforation is the most favorable
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In the adult flea the salivary glands lie in the abdomen, right
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Walter L. Bcrrage, M.D. For the JJassachusetts Medical Society,
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might think of it himself, had not commended itself to
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ach, including my two cases, I find three instances of recurrence
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typhus. Assoc. frang. pour I'avance. d. ac. C.-r.. Par.,
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useful. Tincture of capsicum applied on lint after washing the joint with
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