of certain cereal food-stuffs by a microscopical determination of

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through the usual scroto-inguinal incision, with the ex-

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death takes place by slow asthenia, if the patient be not carried off by some

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for the reasons given in the description of Mett's method.

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rapidly. The essential lesion of the fully-formed disease requires time

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December 3. Pain in the back continues intense, hematuria persists ; twenty-

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to a direct propagation of the inflammation along the walls of

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or offended spirits. Hence, in order to cure their ailments it

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In stowaways aboard ship one occasionally sees pitiful

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i-ounce doses three times a day; also use Flaxseed tea.

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in the Birmingham, Ala., Medical Society, there seemed

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this kind of deception practised upon them as well as

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of flesh and strength. The latter manifestations, constituting a cadiectic

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tions of infection were fotmd in the lungs, the heart or in the

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Toronto General Hospital, '97-'98, has just completed a term of

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at right angles, so that not more than three-fifths of an

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fications put forth in the earlier part of this century by every

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experience the effects of the increasing enlightenment and

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hours later. A dilatation of the oesophagus was detected near its lower

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B.G.Babington,M.D.,F.R.S., President, in the Chair.

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Early Scoliosis or Curable Curvatures of the Spine. By

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long will the action of that remedy last when it is

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Resolutions Adopted by the North Carolina State Medical Society for an

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tion, tumidity, and lividity are present, not habitually, but only during

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Night Terrors. — In this there is usually a neurotic family history, and

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shoe on the affected side with a sole of sufficient

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conditions in the neighbourhood, which might interfere directly

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the forthcoming census more complete, and disseminate the knowledge of the good

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persons employed in tanyards and in warehouses that connect with

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dynasty in old Egypt, they get "cured." It may only be

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