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silitis and polyarthritis, I met with last year. J. L., a colleague
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pt. 2, 371. — TTroisier. Yergetures de la peaii dans la
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flamed, tumefied, and purulent ; and the heart even
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with the addition of the supporting entity of nerve cell
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during this early period is of the utmost consequence, as if
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Second Annual Report of the Ophthalmological Department of the
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In the rear of the hospital is the Mortuary or Necropsy Theatre, in
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It especially which are appropriated to anatomical purposes, have been made more extensive and
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measures accomplished nothing. The patient grew con-
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paralysis, have shown that, by means of tiiis agency, impor
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lengthy treatise on a subject of this magnitude. It
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but no relief. A full dose of a mercurial and anodyne was given, and the
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current passed from one to the other pole of the battery.
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find one curious thing in regard to all patients, that
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systole, and that the subsequent part of the contraction,
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(b) The sessile and infiltrating tumours are cancers which may
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M„ia..u.,, In- t..„.u. ua- >Uan. In , ul. ,„j „. ,,„ i„
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taken away. Hamilton says, take away forty ounces at once, and
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that glycerinated vaccine material should be exclusively
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He did not think there was anything better than tlie old Mackenzie instrument.
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It is only of diagnostic value in that it occurs in urine from a so-called
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use water-closets ; when they do use them the closets should be disinfected.
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the patient, no weakness or profuse perspiration, gener-
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largement of the liver with jaundice, and the growth liad
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second week, when the patient is too frequently so much ex-
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drug at this time is, to some extent, a matter of individual selection
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(f ) Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die.
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Tliis table has been compiled from observations recorded by Green