stoppage of the heart, prevented the chloroform, which from
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previous year of 104. The names of 210 new members have
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which probably to a great extent assisted in securing a verdict
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undesirable from every point of view, especially from that o£
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tlie water of the Hamburger " Wasser-Kunst " in the spread of
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Honorary Surgeon. Applications to the Committee of Management
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cal science, which ought to have an international character.
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tendency to form secondary tumours in distant and diverse
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absorbent quality, is drawn, in a thickness of about eight
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attacks are so ambiguous in their manifestations as to leave
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their laboratories to learn methods to poison their wives.
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that, though the concession desired would probably remain
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Eye. III. Anomalies of Refraction and Accommodation.
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the Members in commodious apartments, at the Offices of
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controversy over the new titles is carried on, generally with acrimony
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The toast of "The Proposed Medical School " was submitted
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of the week, in addition to 22 cases in the Highgate Small-pox Hospital.
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history, symptoms, pathology, and treatment of the diseases
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time his body was bent quickly forward at the hips, the whole
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After a minute account of the fungus of favus the history is
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septic practice are fully described in an instructive chapter
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in these for the perfect and absolute rectification of the foot.
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instrumental support after operation would be necessary for
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not prove. Not a little of the unfavourable criticism which
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influential newspapers in India have acknowledged that the
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So many similar descriptions have reached me from various
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1875, is so great that we think but little use is made of it for
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at once commend itself to the medical profession, unless
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If we are to wait for tliem until the long-expected final report
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Roman remains are seen here in good preservation. Dr.
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had only returned from school in England on December 20th,
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matter of respect, to stand. In the issue of the same paper
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establishing the relation of tlie swelled thyroid to the other
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the Medical Association of Georgia will set up and maintain a dispensary at the
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Professor of Medicine in the University of Teheran, was
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tolerance of the cholera poison could be induced to enable
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2 A.M. he got up from his bed to pass a motion. While at-
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did not present themselves under the regulations of the Con-
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February 4th, 202 were sulTerers from small-pox, and eight of the eleven
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forms a pamphlet of twenty-four pages, and its perusal shows
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profession. In 1819 he, together with the late Mr. T. Taylor