saw, in August, with some surprise, my name announced in the

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is adaptation of the work to the worker. There is scarcely time

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fascia, and that its density varies from such a thinness as to

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acted upon in Committee, were referred to a Special Committee of

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on traveling opticians and drug stores. The mere quoting

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The Luetin test I shall not describe in detail, but will state that it is

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stomach, the latter organ had also a punctured wound in its posterior

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of full doses of salicylate of sodium or salicylic acid, which has been

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27. FURSTNER. Neurol. Centralbl. Bd. xv. No. 15. 28. HENCK. Berlin, klin.

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about three hours, basting occasionally, then remove the paste

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in the anterior chamber should be called onyx, and pus in the

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have been postponed until sometime in January 1964.

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the kidney. They may possibly serve as nuclei for stone formation.

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of the fatty acid is metabolized in the same manner as glycerol.

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age; spare habit; nervous. Married two years; sexual commerce perfect;

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in order to add, if necessary, a further quantity of the pre-

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aged 45; he was educated in London and became a member of the

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ment and alcoholic stimulants are to be given freely, as in all diseases

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by Danihwsky in Testudo marginata (Schoepff.), and in

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could do nothing. Dr. Johnston read some remarks on " Hypnotic

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demonstrated by Briicke, that traces of sugar exist in the urine of

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Of 896 cases of less duration than one year, 544, or 60.71 per ct. were cured.

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Ign. IX. In a week, as she showed no excitement, she was

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ogy, and is that of the plastic exudates, which accompany the most

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Complications. Various complications may be present in relation to

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this time has, with few exceptions, attacked the entire popu-

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errors, inaccuracies and misrepresentations. Scarce-

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in infancy, a few cases being recorded, and rare among the negro race.

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have women as members : tliat it would exclude those of every

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fever, and in other infectious diseases, probably as a result of the ex-

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as an endogenous digitalis-like inotrope and stimulates

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Since carrying the cervix uteri backward into the posterior vaginal

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families as to the state of their patient's health."

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literary, or medical, that emanated from the Irish Press during

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complete. The diseases affecting the nervous system, therefore, will bi

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the latter theory. I believe that a bacterial cause

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international affairs of the College and Doctor Li is regent for

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Vedeler. Norsk. Mag.f. Laege.vidensk. , Christiania, 1890, 4 R., v, p. 523.

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to contain sloughs, indicating a gangrenous condition of the bowel.

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studied chymistry and physick under his uncle, the learned Dr. James

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Unhappily, the treatment of acute pulmonary tuberculosis may be dis-