spark was taken. Bibliotheque Universelle de Geneve, June, 1836, p.
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the journal in which they mostly appear. This success I be-
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were fatal, but no fatal cases occurred among the 31 just mentioned ;
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between the appearances on the two sides seems to me to be
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1884. Keetlby, Chablbs Bbll, F.B.C.S., 56, Grosvenor-street, W. c 3.
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they could not demonstrate tubercles or tubercle bacilli in the fetus (inoculation of guinea
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sible that in these two instances there was some previous injury to the
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of $10,000,000. At his death he willed the income of
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hen's vgg^ connectiMl by a stem with a metal plate applied to the periDeum
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make a decision, but I think, that the interests of
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whenever extensive hemorrhage has taken place in the renal paren-
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are in sarcoplasma. It is a sarcoplasmic excitant. A similar
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six months it began to disappear, or rather not to be exuded
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ingococcus on an artificial medium it is by changing the reaction of
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for the tuberculous and Surgeon-General Rixey decided to
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Leipsic and Vienna ; volume I., 12th series. J. B. Lippincott
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in sufficient quantity to fully replace its natural disin-
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* Medical Inqairies and Obflervations. Vol. 1, pp 256-267.
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is any sign of infiltration, or other reasons to suspect that the
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Spilsbury found fatty changes in both liver and kidneys in all of
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5. Highly felrile, temp, above 103-1° in morning, above 104-9° in evening