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Atlas and Text-Book of Topographic and Applied Anatomy. By Prof.

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In the progress of the disease, symptoms other than those relating to

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Patient being in good condition, immediate operation was decided

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they undergo anj' change that is peculiar to this disease,

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the conclusion that any micro-organisms capable of producing

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locomotor ataxia is scarcely contested to-day, for a past

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for the menopause was wise ; at any rate, the patient could

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> The West Biding LunaHo AtyUm Medical Iteporte. Edited by J. Cbiohtok

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ing appearances were found in the body of Professor Bichman, who was killed

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Is his head worth a hat or his chin worth a heard ? — Beatrice.

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should recognize quicker than a ruptured tube. The sudden pain,

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H. S. Knight, C. A. Peabody, Worcester; J. Wilmarth,

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and explained to us, and I leave every one to draw his own conclu-

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tubercular and epidemic meningitis rests on these points : the former

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University Special Collections Department for their help in

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tions or causes in so far as they effect our care and treatment of cases and I

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ache, vertigo, specks floating before the eyes, somnolence, mental excite-

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While more than fifteen per cent of all deaths in the