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networks of small arteries (vasa afferentia) ; and from them and
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carefully deposited free from public observation. Said
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and abdominal wall. He argues that had the process been
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fever patients, in whom the local symptoms of hay-fever have been
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oz. of butter, a little chopped parsley, I tablespoonful of anchovy
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position several times daily. If meteorism (gas) develops put in
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value, but seldom satisfactorily carried out. Tincture of nux
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costal space, and if the latter be not deemed suffi-
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surgeons declined to operate, where nevertheless complete eradication was
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monia, but he did find it in the true croupous pneumonia. Adhuc
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Sanitary measures have been carried out in all the civilized
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2 mos. after operation. P. m. : Gumma occupying R. central and post-central, some
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the Welfare Officer then takes a hand and the result is usually
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cases, enter, more or less, into hysterical convulsions. Tonic spasm of the
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whom further increase of family is inopportune and unwished
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By Emory Lanphear, M.D., Ph.D., of Kansas City, Mo., Re-
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Ataxia — Potassium : Cyanide — Pseudoleukremia—
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considerably larger than in the average foetal head.
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ved, that peripneumonies and pleurisies are the com-
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and found it considerably below the normal, being but
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by Bramwell. Certain general directions regarding the localisation of a
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I--M.- r;-'--n nu.M iH- ,,,kcn ,„ „.,„d ,„k-. n„n. .nul in ,1,1, ..,„„.. ,,.„
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descending thoracic aorta pressing on the opsophagus, while at the
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ate, about midway between alveolar process of superior
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smaller. Our results from the very beginning were so favorable when
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centres or La the nerves ; while the absence of rigidity, inco-ordination,
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I was consulted by her in October 1843, under the follow-
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Richard R. Pettit, in Dayton, Ohio, July 9. He was graduated
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A statement which has already been made with reference to paralysis
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fatal, the duration of life varying much in different cases, according
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during the attack, it was said to have been pretty constantly present.
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tive duty to prevent, so far as possible, the introductioD
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Doctors Plan for New Quarters.— At a meeting of the
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and has continued with more or less severity for ten years past.
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Dr. Koch concluded with a reference to the prospec-