Children who are fussy about their food at the table, rejecting
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bad teeth, broken bones, the pressure of tumors and other growths,
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carbohydrates ingested are excreted again unconsumed (Kiilz, Leo,
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Sediments Indicative of Disease in the Urinary Tract.— The
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When the child is teething with the gums inflamed and swollen,
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mitted to boiling water is rendered safe to use without the addition
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iron in any form is often of much value, especiall}^ in those cases in
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experience any gouty sym^itoms. Still it is true that great energy
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There is a consensus of opinion that in cases of pentosuria the reduction
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covery then takes place rapidly, and healing from the bottom of the
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examples that all doubt is silenced. In severe cases of glycosuria the
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tion and hence is much emplo} T ed in inflammations of the lungs and
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beads, orange or lemon seeds, buttons and the like are often lodged
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admissible in those cases in which a visit to these health resorts, or
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the institution and his warm interest in its welfare.
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sionally, after a general shock or injury, such as may be produced by
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One rises from the perusal of the work of Lanclre Beauvais with
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become torpid and there is much inaction of the whole system..
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Becquerell and Eodier this seems to occur chiefly in drunkards.
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to be increased during acute fevers, and, indeed, in any condition which
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This is the most potent and speedily fatal of all the poisons, acting
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many will call in question the propriety of speaking of these changes
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