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convulsions then diminished, and he drank milk freely, but the

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carefully on account of the proximity of the jugular veins,

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Prognosis. — With few exceptions, the disease terminates fatally. In

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the like ; but otherwise with careful discrimination, — the fundamental peculiarity of what id

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nervous system, and increasing her tendency to insan-

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and there were one or two minute retinal haemorrhages at a

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soothing it when irritated, and effecting both objects at once. Its great

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the anterior chamber. J. Am. M. Ass.. Chicago, 1887. viii,

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daring enough to ‘explore new concepts,’ Mr. Joanis

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the legal obligation of the surgeon are pledged to preserve the patient's

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The subject, a man, aged 51, swallowed by mistake two mouthfuls

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patches in the fauces, but who seemed to have so little the matter with her

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which I had a vicarious interest in the person of many

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ment. I repeat in this second article that removal of

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A slight laceration of the cervix was then found, for which

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Dr John G. Spenser: I would like to ask Dr McGee whether

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should lead to careful and repeated examiiialiuns of the

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births to deaths, is in France 1 10 to 100, England 120, Sweden

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The agents of some of these companies are irresponsible

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especially in phthisis that too blind a devotion to the

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summer of 1879, during the absence of Dr. Bartlett.

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sident. 1 he unanimous opinion was that such an act ou.'ht

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scatters what it cannot use ? Thus, with a starving soul, he

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mal. The spirillum of relapsing fever produces the disease

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mittee of Visitors," which is worthy of especial note and com-

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tration of alkalies does not always result in amelioration is no argument

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responsible for the conveyance of filarial disease. Minor