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after sponging the parts well with hot water (previously
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is not sufficiently delicate to give the blue-green zone in the coagulum
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With the disappearance of the rash, desquamation conoimences. It may
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any case in which the body or back muscles are involved at the onset, it
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cular secretion, and the error of applying the name diphtheria to all cases of
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had unfolded a new and very instructive way of looking
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the attention of surgeons not only to their early recognition, but to
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In the case of the diffuse lesions, where the autolysis of the proto-
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glass ; (2) capillary drains, a good example of which is
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deficiency in the vesicular murmur, and possibly a few fine rales clearing
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t would seem that the presence of many vigorous saprophytes, the
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siological Examination will commence this day (Saturday).
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(Figs. 5 and 6). On these lines one may explain why ulcer on the
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jaw, and cheeks, erosions and insulated diphtheritic deposits,
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EncyclopMie scientifique des aide-memoire. Publiee sous la
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As the voluntary muscular system is directly under the control
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fied in any disease, suffices to render it probable that it is a blood-disease.