the mouth. Fifteen days before its death it had a fit more severe than any
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the progress of, pleuritis, and these associated diseases are apt io prove fatal.
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which was followed by nephritis and catarrh of the bladder. Since
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trary, the forcible introduction of drugs, or even of gruels, and
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then it should be toward the close of the case. First should be
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iting the spread of the disease by preventive measures."
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are the powder, the inspissated juice, the extract, the tincture
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St. Cuthbert'8 College, Usliaw ; Stonjhurst College; St. Patrick's
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upon 15 cases, and the blood of some has been studied many times
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used, but no diphtheria bacilli were detected. Flies are not the carriers
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a condition at St. Mary’s Hospital in whom a diagnosis
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times employed, and food given four times daily. The remaining 121