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expenditure on behalf of the needy and injudiciously-bestowed

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Austin, H. W., Surgeon. Granted leave of absence for thirty

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femur; it is a great error to suppose that this ari^angement is not

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Robert B. Swing, of West Grove, Pa., July 3, aged 65. He was

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applied on strips of muslin neatly laid over the inflamed surface and

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advance in technique and knowledge. Under the present conditions,

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congenital defect. In support of this view, Fuchs has recorded a

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abdomen. Abdominal tenderness is commonly present. In the chronic

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France. Five thousand francs have been bequeathed to the

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For Posterior or Intravesical Irrigations. — Irrigation of the

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sitates the application of the entire length of the band-

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quiry. Such a vast proportion of human life was extinguish.ed

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fever, cauterise or apply astringents to the inflamed

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factor of infection. The majority of these tuberculous

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rapidly as it was formed. As might be expected from

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both white and red precipitate have long been considered as among

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The left eye was then operated upon with equally satisfactory

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symptoms, the most important of which were: 1. Pain of a

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The ulcers, which are generally perforating, are usually found

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