three times a day directly after a meal. Perchloride of mercury comes
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this Board will be necessary to ensure the perfect success of this de-
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modern scientific investigator pauses in dismay and humiliation when he is
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the insane is often rendered easy by the very characteristic tremor of the
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and abdominal-kneading in the therapeutic treatment of constipation, con-
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stil 1 greater. While awake a patient feels those distressbg sa»|*
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On the second day the eyelids became oedematous ; the conjunctiva
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lular texture of the lungs, adjacent to crude tubercles, and the pleura
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dried, by the aid of an electric fan, before removal from the table. The
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tients during the forenoon. At 11 o'clock, A. M., about twenty hours
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ever, a careful examination may still reveal a somewhat frequent pulse,
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gradually enlarges, then for a variable period it remains stationary, or
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based upon a discovery made by him some months since. The machioo
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to his room for an hour. A slight headache, perhaps a chill, and trifling
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They may be produced by a pipe stem, a displaced tooth, or a sharp frag-
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Lastly, there are the aged, the worn-out and over-worked, the weaklings,
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or less degree of determination of blood to the skin from the same cause.
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There has been much discussion regarding their nature. Some writers
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mercury — are well known. The habitual use of opium produces an un-
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if not occurring at the exact periods in the course of the movement they will do
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ciety, in May, an address was delivered by L. P. Yandell, M.D., which
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neither of which symptoms had he ever before experienced. And the
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cies of this affection, where there is much increased action, camphor
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There is very little evidence, if indeed any at all, to prove that pyrexia
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who was with her in the first labor, was satisfied that there was no other
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