of morbid tendencies, should carefully avoid all scenes of religious excitement,

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gard to the details of State examinations in medicine

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they cause pain at the stomach." Some have supposed that

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meeting at Richmond headquarters in April, President J. Thomas Hulvey

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of the subject demands, it is desired to gain the views, observation,

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blood contains substances that render certain infectious microbes fit

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had never intended thus to assume. Realizing the extent of this added

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return until we sent him to you o» January 26 complain-

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Another statistical note regarding the most recent epidemic may

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introduced from without or generated within the body, may affect

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this case. It is scarcely necessary to remark that rules of this kmd can,

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According to Ralfe the lacking substances are the malates, citrates, and

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culous disease, especially of the intestines. He pointed

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■\ .-in, .„ en,n 1 i„J. ... .^ nu lu-Zbduu" ,1k' paric-.al c,n,n.-n>e. ui,l,

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should be applied not sooner than eight or ten hours after the apparent decease.

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It is rather with prostatectomy that we should compare it, for this is the

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„ . . , T n . , will be issued after the meeting of the dele-

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years, no subject has been brought more prominently to the atten-

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e^piUhantenor, Occipitolateral, Oocipitoooierior, Oc-

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of wire had been tried, but it had been found that silver wire

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as 1 : 6 to 8, according as a rich or an average milk is desired, e.g. as when butter

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needs protection more than any other part of our body,

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who f ound it i^ hundreds attached by its posterior sucker to the

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metallic lustre, emitting violet fumes when heated ; odor peculiar ;

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The cul-de-sac was full of dirty-yellow offensive pus, and bounded by a portion of the

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his friends, who wished him to settle his affairs, and returned to the

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a repetition of it ; but a larger quantity of blood

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pieces of bone. This is not so far a very successful

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