tions which show clearly the superior efficiency of quinin

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but not equally so. One attack does not give absolute im-

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dementia paralytica, psychoses, and even periodic family paralysis)

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The true entozoa, or intestinal worms, propagate in the manner

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ceed from the quinine absorbed by the skin. Cases in

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that a movement has been set on foot to express in a

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^ ' Dictionnaire de Medecine ct de Chirurgic Pratiques,' vol. xv, 1836, p. 19.

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glands in and about the carotid region. But the first of these cases

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tute the animal, virus. Nor has it disappointed my expectations, as

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expressed by hunger. The state of the mind dependent on the morUd

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to the isolation of infected animals and the destruction

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months since the operation, and she is enjoying the best of

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coming the difficulty that it occurred to me that two straps used in oppo-

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White's case m.SLj be briefly summarized. The patient was a boy

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it, as well as the papulae, entirely disappeared.*'

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Embalm the wounds, anoint the limbs with oil. Pope, 1.411.

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on account of the contained alcohol) may be tried; in exceptional cases

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is therefore some gratification that our views should

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goitrous thyroid gland. Should a surgeon be so adven-

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Occasionally associated and a|)parently identical with fibro-

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with a great mass of large, roundish, and irregular

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kind of work on that account, at a railway station.

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follows : (a.) Cough and expectoration, not succeeding an attack of acute

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Speaking of aneurism, I was present at the London Hospital

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the seat of the disease was in the vitreous humour, which be-

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In the second type the attacks either come on immediately after meals

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that it shall approximate a physiological experiment in exactness

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provincial government. The purposes of the agreement are set

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of Erasmus Wilson ; but we have learned by the study of many more

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the Legislature nor foster it without the approval of

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of the waters are hot, and this may add to their local and

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(1) Astereognosis, probably due to a Lesion of the Posterior Columns in

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callus on the inner side of the lamina, as in the case I