recognizable organic disease of the brain or cord. Epileptic
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instances in the present series and prevented careful study.
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action of the organ. In some cases veratnim viride may be employed with
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A Study of a Case of Nasal Tuberculosis was the title
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affected with the same condition and he would have them come in for
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increases the effects. Wine drinking before and after taking
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International Clinics. A quarterly of Clinical Lectures and especially pre-
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the deceased by the arms while the other struck him in front. This suspicion
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had described cases in which that was so. As no aneurysm or mediastinal
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working with alcoholic patients. No significant amount of
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or feet, although a most valuable adjunct to a correct conclusion
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Forth Worth, 1885-6, iii, 47-57.— tain (J. S.) Typho-ma-
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may accomplish its full destination. But when the tubes
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urinary indican determinations. Hany additional new procedures were
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Cardio-respiratory murmurs are by no means limited to
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fected by the use of which they can escape these acci-
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motor influence these parts may receive through mental states or
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years. At the end of sixteen days she was discharged
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between scrofula and tuberculosis. The cheesy deposits in scrofulous lym-
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of the limbs, with a disposition to a constant movement of the
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boring insects, mosquitoes, etc. Vegetation prevents
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increased bv pressure, but also by movement. The patient lies motionless
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" In the majority of cases, however, in young, healthy in-
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(Fig. 1). In order to eliminate the effect upon the heart of a periph-
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possible mainly tlii-ough (a) the fact of the recognition of the general aseptic
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He confessed that he was skeptical as to the existence
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Had a history of vomiting for two weeks, and could not retain