by heat, when used in the preparation of fluid extracts, are exhausted
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the best way to stop it is 'to find the cut end of the
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much attention, or been so frequently performed, as the lateral, and
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scarcely a fair one, since the London Fever Hospital, a modern,
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disease — ^not to dole out medicines. A patient comes to you with
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leave undissolved the remainder. But it may be necessary to use
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tions, as in white-washing, sprinkling, desiccating damp surfaces or
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E. H., aged twenty-three, was admitted to the Hospital on
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Medico-Chirurgical Society, by Mr, Henry Thompson, who is well
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on February 16, 1912. Her previous history does not call
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sidered the advisability of handling it on precisely
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bers of the academy for the courtesy of electing him
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abdominal wall, and introduce the hand into the peri-
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ings. Regulations of internal sanitary police, in re;rard to impuri-
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their rebelling at such delectable ( !!) remedies they
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usually ruined. The driver, by firmness, gentleness
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the matter of amputation ; and, if I am not much mistaken, there is
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region, and diseases of the eyes, etc. It will be seen, that the
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losis, January, 1919) discuss the treatment of laryn-
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taking the pulse of a cow, the person stands on the
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of this sjmptoin. It becomes then a question, whether this fiact
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by M. Velpeau to the back of a fork^ this bone may become con-
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him in bed till you see him, and hojDe the journey will not
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a height of five feet five inches, with natural in-
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to be adopted when it was impossible for the patient to wear a
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twenty-two lesions of this portion of the spine were
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not sufficiently definite to wholly rely upon in form-
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pause was devoid of any manifestations directly due
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while drenching, and do not tip the head back, or it will
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these individuals in hospitals, that their isolation
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deal is an impalpable transparent gas. It is diffused everywhere throughout the
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as a drench. Plenty of water should be given to drink
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the young that may have hatched from eggs laid before
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the difficulty. In bad and persistent cases, the hernia
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Reduce the buchu to a coarse powder, moisten with eight fluid
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Privat-docent at the University of Geneva; Fellow of the Royal
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casualty clearing stations, recovered, and of those
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tongue moist ; one stool ; relieved from nausea; urine free. . 2 Ist. —
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Periodical inspections in our public schools should
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well do I remember the furor which It created. Whole communities
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bronchitis. He used as many as twelve handkerchiefs in
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and comes at an opportune time, when helps of this kind are needed and
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tiieir filthy habits, the overcrowding of the hospitals
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result is a fracture limited to a single condyle. On