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open by one-grain doses of podophyllin, repeated at intervals
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The albumoses are demonstrated in the following manner: The
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reaction. The cells of the convoluted tubules also contain small amounts of
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the pulse scarcely perceptible ; and he said he had bled a pailful,
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This monogenetic cycle is one of sporogony or amphigony. It is the
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been long manifest, and in erysipelas, and all forms of ulcera-
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ence, however, is striking in the degree of contagiousness. The communica-
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by exposing and chilling the body near her menstrual
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lent cure, electricity stands first. "^ This author considers the pri-
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treatment. The sinus in this case was four and one-half inches
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themselves to treatment until at an advanced stage of the diathesis. After the
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ruptured, described as "a balloon came from the passage
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Atropin sulphate in doses' of %oo to %o grain (0.0006 to
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€otton," page 89; ** The Soap Plaster," pajje 89 ; "Flour/' page 90.
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leaves scars within a few weeks ; . but occasionally gangrenous sores may
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Tessier classifies these cases as follows : (1) intermittent albuminuria
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febrile manifestations not unrardy marking syphilis. This triad of diseases,
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examined in the same way as urinary calculi. (See p. 680.) Eichhorst and Deetz l
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reform bills, Workers’ Compensation reform, licensing
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mation of, and by the formation of ulcers on, the mucous mem-
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and like food, drink, and every medicine which had been given,
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tion, may be taken, from the concordant answers of the majority of
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ach must be put in order first. The patient must have good food and air and made
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M. B.; R. Norris Wolfenden, B. A., M. D.; Eugene S. Gouge, M. D., C. M. 1899.
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The attempt has been made to discover certain relations between
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voir leur eflScacite dans une ecurie situ^e au centre de I'fepid^mie, 61oignfe
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tion, tumidity, and lividity are present, not habitually, but only during
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the seances causes great excitability of the nervous system, and the. latter
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the vessels of the pia mater injected, and the gray substance reddened
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creatitis. CNS reactions: Headache, peripheral neuritis,
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seems to have spread by direct contagion, which the state of