he would go on as others did, but somehow his temperature fell, and
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various kinds of bacteria found in the contents of the
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But, to dwell only on those specified conditions of other
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It is also a pleasure to bear testimony to the character of the men,
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Medical expert testimony. Tr. N. York M. Ass., 1897,
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colonv dies out, its place is occupied by ever-increasing new
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as the patient remains upright. The same type of movement extends to
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including some from the Charles M. Lea, William S. Pilling, W. P. Wilstach, and Carl Zigrosser Col-
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remains for the present undecided. It is tolerably certain, however, that these
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ity. On laryngoscopic examination the right vocal band
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tub«<rrular intlamniation ; since then much pelvic pain and menorrhagia ; uterus retroverted,
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74. John G., set. 2 years. Kyphosis of twelfth dorsal and first
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which a crime has been perpetrated. In Reg. v. Hazell ( Taunton Lent Assizes,
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greater number of parasites than usual. In addition to T. gatiibiense
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that the milk is affected by what is taken by the mother. We see that
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as high as 104°, fell between the fourteenth and fifteenth days
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demonstrated there. Moreover, exudative inflammation of the
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duces, according to the degree of its closure, all the varieties
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our cases. The tenderness of the epigastrium, so prominent a feature
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impossibility of translating the results of a study of one species to another, and
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occur in cases of umbilical hernia, from the extreme delicacy of the