During the period from August 20 to August 30 one French and
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syndrome, which ( JsUm' had under his own care, was a
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the pulse slow, from exhaustion of the heart muscle, or, more fre-
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staff, (2) the financing of the training program of the
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the brain from the skull, dropped from a small cavity in the posterior
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effusion in the pericardium, were present during the
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Although the profiles described below may not be completely
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muscles, as in laughing and crying, the more extreme does its lateral dis-
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not prove quite harmless, as they disturb the equilibrium of
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I would much rather that Professor Parkes or Mr. Kumsey
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In one case, in which a branch of the cerebellar artery was
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prevent chilling of the surface (pure woolen next to the skin),
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tions are normally sufficient for the initial or early periods of
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for the general use of Her Majestie's subjects, accom-
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irritant action, while the central nervous system is in much less
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Geo. F. Shrady, and others. It was designed to open
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Material scraped from the lesions and mounted in liquor potassae shows the
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CASE 3. A young child was under the care of a most distinguished clinician,
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though he is not a physician, he nevertheless considers it
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Mb. President, — The terms of the resolution requesting this paper
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Pernicious fever may also assume other forms. The peripneumonic
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result of some derangement of the nervous extremities. I shall