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advisory committee; Dr. F. J. Elias, Duluth, Dr. E. M.

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very severe, nourishment must be given by means of ene-

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think first, and never cease dreading the medicine-hobbies which a

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These dietaries, contrasted with those of the rice-eating

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sugar " that is used in its manufacture " being rather an advantage

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pus in moderate quantity escaped. A large congested

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of cerebral hypera>mia. It is probable that they mark

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Wed. Atlantic City, N. J.: Miss Catharine A. Warner, a

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ries of the causes by which that mysterious process is carried

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In the protocols of Szymonowicz 1 can be found examples of a relatively small

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described in detail in the February number of the Scottish

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and is well brought out in Experiment XIII., the results of which are

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grasping the lip between the thumb and fingers; as the arteries of

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words, the combustion is stopped. On further inquiry, I also

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holds good in the differentiation of petechial fever from urticaria

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purchased abroad, and extensive collections of instruments and plastic

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the patient will complain of sudden sharp pain in the region affected.

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demands of time and study necessary to proficiency in pro-

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goes on to say that : " When a surgeon has conducted the case

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the lamp; (5) by the lamp becoming overheated and causing a

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colleagues and the narrow field to which the latter are limited

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long time, succeed in investing our knowledge of whole

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disease ; and the observations of Budd and Goodeve give support

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the majority so inured were able completely to resist it. As in

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moval of five hundred men from each vessel will render the condition of the ship

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Failure to follow line as well as original, a penalty of 2.

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preparations are used for their stimulant action in granular

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