Anat. u. z. allg. Path., Jena, 1899, xxv, 302-430, 1 pi.—
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account. They occurred during an epidemic of mumps in
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short — length two or three times greater than their breadth, ends rounded,
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Torethe "Philadelphia Branch of the Thomsonian Friend-
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met with the case of a man, get. 65, who had three fatty herniae, one
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impossibility to control the patient when he is away
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of convalescence. (^From what has been stated, it follows that the duration of
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experience is to be placed in juxtaposition with the
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To the second question the answers are ; Oral mucous
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Some loss of power accompanies this tremor, but the legs
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the indication as to cause in cases of this kind ; but, in private prao-
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approve of sacrificing a dog's life in order to save that
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1. All of the symptoms of the disease can be readily
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in the lower cervical region was increased to three times its normal thickness,
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tain good results, and when its administration by the
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not be felt at the moment, if it is inflicted while the patient's
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able proportion are again attacked at periods more or less removed 1
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entered, sudden death with the symptoms of asphyxia takes place. If
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overwhelming force, destroying other forms of existence?
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cases. The cervical pain was sharp, lancinating, and referred with
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normal conditions (see p. 356), and within the superficial dulness under
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forms of stricture with the utmost benefit ; and I entirely agree
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degeneration, consequent, I believe, upon prolonged muscular
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the stage of convalescence in severe acute affections, pyaemia and gen-
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scale than before. If a patient comes to you with involvement
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personal danger from the refractory and homicidally-disposed
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in special danger of such hemorrhage he operates with the
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ried out by Drs. Mays and Bloom also shows how diffi-
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greatly aggravated by the intestinal irritation. I believe that the old
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Vedeler. Norsk. Mag.f. Laege.vidensk. , Christiania, 1890, 4 R., v, p. 523.
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each of whiskey and spiritus aetheris compositus is
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