efforts of the authorities, and the most lavish expenditure of funds, may be

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dice that bid fair to balk the efforts of the doctors, but the papers in-

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literally converted into an empty cup, before all the

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ing will be held at lU Boylston Place, on Saturd.iy, October 28,

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CASE 3. A young child was under the care of a most distinguished clinician,

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semble only in having had a similar origin, and scattering all confusedly through

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pared as follows and rolled into cigarettes, can be smoked two or three

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included under the head of deaths of newly born children.

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temperature of 110° was reached — the highest that, so far as I am able to

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directly down-town to attend to his business, as usual,

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not wish to draw attention to their malady. The only thing for

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of its repetition in any given case, are altogether

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the danger of extensive phlebitis ; and secondly, be affirms that even should no

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shortened in its duration, nor have its symptoms materially

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general reasons, wiiich were not i)eriiap8 very definite, for thinking there

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instances, the causes may lie hidden deeply in some

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of degenerating cartilage cells running across the epiphysial car-

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an who gave birth to a child who, a few days later, had

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Intercostal neuralgia was found in five, occipital neuralgia

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The action of the incandescent bath, as compared with that

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Medica had long ago asserted for itself the position of

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or foes. It cannot be doubted, but that we have the sym-

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of a much altered synovial fluid, especially rich in mucin, and con-

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associated neui'oses, and a further one is the relationship of neighbouring

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it with the other tools; which representation was fully corrob-

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urine, and frequent micturition. The cystoscope did not show

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to call him a madman who would object to its common use,

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3. Soft sodden edema over abdomen, chest, and neck.

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also somewhat acquainted with the surgical problems demanding

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left hand, lower your head, and pull his left arm around your neck

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apt to supervene in these fevers. Sometimes the stomach is

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turbid color, and a somewhat nauseous odor and tastie ; that it has no

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