nucleus had doubtless also passed towards the anterior end, but unfortunately
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inch, is within the pericardium and partially ^^°"« ^^^ween them and the pericardium,
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and extensive ulcerations of the gums and the tongue. It is
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moon is in the horizon, the tide will he ebb or low water ; we all know
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ployed, and detailing the history of a case which had
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These dietaries, contrasted with those of the rice-eating
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This means that within twenty or thirty seconds twelve
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of oil enables patients to take this remedy, when, without the addition of the
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"A novel fact is that the troubles of stammerers or
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The quistion is that relating to the degree of moral or
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strain and protect himself from recurrent catarrhs, which are pre-eminently
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forth the advantages, especially In simplicity of tech-
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eingly or ' combined, and which probably depend on a
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litis obliteran, and in a few days the thread is absorbed.
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sees dans le traitement des affections oculaires. Belgique
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What is the principle of this ? I do not believe it
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the advantages of both the chemical and glove method : The hands
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and rich in levo-rotatory /9-oxybutyric acid, and in
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convalescent by the fourth week, and his subsequent re-
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Dr. Frank Billings read a paper entitled "The Benzol Treatment
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lar y PetrobasUary Petroao-angulary Pelrosgnjuimosaly
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a small opening that would admit a common probe occurred
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by the Convention will meet the unqualified approbation of all those who
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tioned, the description large is scarcely applicable at the present day to
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will never come when there shall be no masses feeling the need of
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has largely used them ; he. believes that arsenic has a
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a few minutes he became restless and had an asthmatic attack which persisted
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Such cases are spoken of by some German ^\Titers as "rheumatic," according
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There is no dropsy. The urinary examination showed noth-
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Case XIX. — The case of J. B., aged 4, suffering from old-standing trau-