foot, producing fissures, wliich have long had the name of " rhagades

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Bruce's Bill shewed the futility of attempts to en-

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surgical disease, and that in the vast majority of instances the medical

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the disease, nothing is known; some have regarded it

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that would ensue. Lieutenant-Colonel Toogood, who was then O.C. at

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break the stone, and that symptoms of local and general irritation had ensued

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appetite, foul vaginal discharge, and a very bad look.

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autopsies, where peritonitis was present Occurrlnft in Connection with

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p.m. the annual meeting of the Canadian Medical Protective

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perficial layers of cells, and cause them to be thrown off,

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pleura, and of the neo-membranes with more effusion. An effusion

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Von Picquet's cutaneous reaction is also fully described.

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Intern. Centralhlatt fiir LaryngoL, Rhinol., No. 9, 1891, p. 482.

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with those of their fellow-men. And it is the especial business

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this agent, we are very much limited in the use of it,

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removed and the uterus fixed to the abdominal wall. She

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Very often he keeps a record of his symptoms, and in the con-

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opening explains the absence of whiz and tremor. These facts appear

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reached its height from about the ninth to the twentieth day and

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not recommend a tourniquet to the base of the tumor as in his opinion it assists but

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wondering whether there is really a close connection

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than normal salt solution, and, as stated above, acts much like

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rhages 12, the deaths 9 ; bed.sores 49 (chiefly begun prior to

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forms of stimulus and nourishment are to be selected which, on trial, are

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nor to attempt to show by direct examination of other witnesses

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cure, or they may be tempted to discontinue treatment too

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a new, and one of the best remedies for the removal and permanent cure of diseases

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stances. It is the deliberate starvation of one child