exlvii., 130-166) have made some elaborate and valuable investiga-
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PHYLUM II. Mastigophora. — Protozoa with flagella.
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Exonerated. — We are pleased to state that the phy-
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detected during convalescence, but is less likely to be of value in chronic
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J. II. B., aged 40, married, perfectly healthy before
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tories " have been far from edifying or suggestive of enthusiasm. An impor-
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characteristics for a considerable period. Hence, apparently
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their own lenses, that often occurs from bending of the
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his ajipreciation of the transaction. How far partial responsi-
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cases all uncertainty can be at once settled by a proper laboratory inves-
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Etiology. — (1) Many acute and chronic diseases which
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the chest expansion of thousands of people, both adults
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with ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of
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for about fifteen days at 60. In none of the little pa-
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low specific gravity; and it contains, as the microscope shows us,
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Of the Christians, 170 millions profess the Catholic, 76
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terapia delle fratture. Boll, di Poliambul. di Milano,
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takes place, the patient preserving a vigorous limb. Beyond twenty Prof. Oilier
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uniform result. The great difficulty at present among sur-
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hypertrophy of the left ventricle ; and, indeed, such persons are fire-
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lowed by relaxation and quietness." * Dr. Brown-Sequard be-
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book, which he brought out in quarterly numbers, The Asclepiad,
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to go on slowly, for reasons already stated. Whenever this point is reach^,
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tion seems sometimes connected with disturbance of the menstrual
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Elliotson was merely historical; it quoted instances of fatty
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attain great popularity. In many cases of scrofula and
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exercise and relaxation are oftentimes most dangerous risks.
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the hernia returned as a rule, the plea for conservative
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Mater, and wound it. Some chirurgeons do bring out the Bone
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exception a secondary disorder. Rarely it follows trauma of the right
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ralysis : a peculiar type of " nightmare " often met with
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spirits ; the pains were strong and regular, returning at intervals
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336 Boling, Fatal effect of Tartar Emetic in Pneumonia. '^Oct.