growth ; prevalence of heat of the hands after eating ; irritability of the
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fSquire's Pharm. of tUo London Hospital, London, 1869, p. 47.
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perished from this disease. As the disease may be com-
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serum and lymph were absorbed, and there followed a close
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India. March, 1912 : ^lore pelvic pain ; uterus normal position, with a small fibroid.
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The nature of the obstruction is very frequently impossible to
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a note on this subject, the following amusing anecdote is re-
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the mastoid process, tenderness on pressure upon the bone, and
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soundly-judging physiologist of the present day is likely to fall into the pop-
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away and just below this depression is a thin sharp blade.
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apical portion of the canal be plugged with gold, and the balance of the
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compared with cow's milk, raw and sterilised, etc., and he concludes that
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the temperature normal, and, if food be ingested, the processes involved in
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