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Zenker found hemorrhages in the pancreas in persons who

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Posterior Rotation of the Ilium. \Yhen the posterior

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Insanity often arises during or shortly after healing of

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the passage of naalarial parasites through the placenta, nevertheless

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responses to betting are characteristic. Pathological gamblers

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n. Berl., 1888, xiv, 530. Also: Verhandl. d. nied Ver. zu

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tion of the account in one of these letters, which says :

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An interesting point in such cases was that the Babinski sign was present — the

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be left to the judgment of the practitioner, who alone will be

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period of fevers and febrile diseases, in as far as

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diagnosis, however, would be one difficult to make without the aid of

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features which the plate published with the paper shows in an