tendo-Achillis should be cut subcutaneously and the equinus
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to certain pathological urines, when diluted two or three times with
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the nervous system : Valerian, Ammonium, Ferric and
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come from the tropical regions of the South, as well as those
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1884 Flbxino, BoftSBT H., M.B., late ABSiBtant Phjaicum Eotuada Hospital^
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by which they were surrounded were identical, and in both diseases the tem-
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noble young heroes of the University crews. Surely there
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nimity. "What the lioyal Free Hospital has done for the
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nervous system. The facts I am to relate, ought to make physicians
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try spiritualism, &c. <fec. Was told by a physician in the town where
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after injury, and show that this must have been deposited from
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cient, must hold the foot laterally as well as support the
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berry juice, which we are told "is a singular counter-
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White's case m.SLj be briefly summarized. The patient was a boy
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an efferent (motor) nerve to a muscle, which it brings into action.
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sify the respirations transmitted to the ear or to the
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$tate governments would regulate insurance within the state, subject to federal guidelines established under the
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gery in Geneva Medical College, N. Y. — (N. Y. Jour. Med.)
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Hodge divides the diseases peculiar to women, except the displace-
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both in health and disease. Fothergill has earlier noted
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The amount of inedical literature that is literally
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be rejected, yet, in consideration of the coming fifth year, and
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ful with his sputa, he feels that indifference on this point may be
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unable to sit or stand, and could not hold anything
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epidemics or epizootics ; its various modes of propagation ;
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continuing, but its fatal tendencies being counteracted, by thus afford-
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ment of the several distressing symptoms; the uterine tumour