attacks of catarrhal laryngitis. Among the exciting causes of this affection

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Then the Hunterian operation is, perhaps, the best, or Wardrop's or

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exudation with hemorrhages into the exudation. The hemorrhage into the

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of inflammation, or fibroblasts, and the leukocytes, form a wall around

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cicatricial tissue, with the normal kidney tissue entirely obliterated, and

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their epithelium^ collapse. Some claim that renal atrophy and granular

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the pyloric extremity of the stomach, the tumor is usually situated in the

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Section qf lung shon-inrj a emull milUiry tybercU, with,

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the sterno-mastoid and trapezius muscles. There are two forms, congenital

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if it is upon the thigh, — varies considerably in different persons.* In some

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Dictionary of Equine Materia Medica. For the Use of Amateurs. By Hugh

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course to be adopted in the management of this disease. "When this fever