of the house staflTfor consultation. Dr. Frank P. Wilson came. Before
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5.) These cells and their branching dendrites remind one of the
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operation because of her advanced age and evidence of poor surgical risk.
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good health except for the bleeding. There was no odor to the
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onism and its level-headed Allies can finish the job. Nor is the fight
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toes were bent on left foot, and a few days afterward a swelling appeared
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urethral discharges. In the laboratory one has to stand or fall by
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of increasing the bulk of circulating medium, enabling the heart
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The clinical characters of influenza may be at times so different that the
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diarrheal and dysenteric diseases, polypi, and so-called seat
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slow and successive stages. There may be arrest of the growth
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ordering at the same time a complete discontinuance of medical treat-
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We find that medicine in its economic aspects, especially as it af-
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opines that many of the reported rheumatic iritis cases are
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by physical signs, may in the course of time become changed to one of
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for which is quite apparent when we study the factors entering into
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tion in the size or shape of the pharyngeal cavity too insignificant to be
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which is evidently caused by an acute neuritis in the auditory nerve, due to
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man has a certain number of calls to make and is doubtful whether
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effectually closed. I again opened up a case three months after for a
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and that it was ulcerating. Hemoferrum was ordered, and the
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the fertile causes of dysentery. Bad food of any kind that is
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upheaval of the present time has converted into an overwhelming
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from 1881-88. A member of the Medical Society, County of Kings
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and was in no case attributable to the forceps only. 119 women (57.7 per cent.)
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pulses. On the former rests the responsibility of the development of
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paragraph relating to death of the organism as a whole has been
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The urine was diminished in quantity and showed albumen but no
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measures were cited. In two instances the patients were inmates
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corpuscles. These cling to the walls of the alveolae, leaving the centre
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Non-tubercular and Non-cardiac H^moptyses in Elderly Persons.
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ridiculous, claims have been heralded in regard both to the
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A Case of Osteomalacia; Amputation of the Uterus; Recovery.
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delegate to them such powers as may from time to time be advisable.
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In the majority of cases a course of tonics and reconstructives
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thereby abolish the danger is allied to the ostrich. Merely closing
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recent testimony, if it be correctly reported by the daily press,
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Feed nothing between meals and nothing whatever casuaL
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right side of the brain to the base, affecting the auditory nerve as it