Operators : Bergmann, 3 years ; Stoerck, 3 years, 3
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The great disadvantage to the physician lies in the
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oily proves useful in Suspension or Irregularity of the
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salicylate of bismuth, or beta-naphthol, does not meet with
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the inhalation of ])ulverized fluids? To this query the commission experienced
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two should be physicians, three would be better, if
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5. E. H. Yr2Lser,Journ. of Physiol., xxvii., 1901, p. 372.
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made, in the pan, and, dec;jntiri<r it off, a white powder was discovered
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the resistance, as well as the lymphocytosis, may be destroyed by x-rays in proper
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temporaries. This was not exactly a new system, but
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would with greater probability than now can be said to
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M. Dumas will be at no loss to account for the sensational stories
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spleen. The case terminated fatally after the third
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ticod.his profession successfully in that locfility during the greater
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In the absence of the Chairman, Eliza B. Cahill, M.D., Dr.
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from attacks of yellow fever which surpasses our comprehen-
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comparativa anmiirkningar <Ibidem (1830) (1), pp. 81-il6, pis. 1-2. [W'^.]
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equal in size to a six months' pregnancy, dull on percussion, not
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ciently clear his mind was committed prior to collecting these histories.
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ments by the Author, comprising his latest views. With notes and an appendix,
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mantle is designed to fall ; but his satisfaction could not otherwise than
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phlogistics, etc., are reconmiended. An oil-silk jacket
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charine matter in it. — See Magendie's Joum., torn,
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from the slow and thorough course of true small-pox ; and, lastly, by
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throughout, slightly in the neck, and most in the dorsal
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Case 2d.—Patie7it.—B., white man, aged 64. Medical No. 23316.
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tested without avail on entering the service of cer-
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almost similar views upon the morphine habit as does
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carbolic cement, or stuffed with cotton soaked in collodion (Fig. 174).