mends an external incision just in front of the sterno-mastoid

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Knee jerks and achilles reflexes lost both sides, also anal reflex.

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we know is a safe dose. In using novocain one can use Yz — 2 per cent

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the Street railroad men are getting $6.00 per day and extra for

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times for years, and they gradually bleed, and they gradually get weaker,

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had his office on Broadway in the City of Providence. Prior to

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on the whole, keep pretty close to an average diet and watch the

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abundant, while the stroma is rather meagre in amount, stamping the

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importance. In respect to the use of silkworm-gut sutures, which it is

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scribed as a necessary remedy. Held, that a prescription issued

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profession, but the allied manufacturers, independent labor bodies,

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blood supply, by an insufficient mesentery or by torsion. This

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to keep the residue of blood circulating briskly, and, by keeping

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when it was found that the perforation in the membrana tympani had closed.

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The urine analysis was negative and the phthalein was 65%.

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« Medico-Chirurgical Transactions, vol. ii. p. 105.

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1. That tinnitus and aural vertigo may be due entirely to disease in

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Cavity as a Means of Securing a Natural Disposition of the

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more than the alkyls,to depress the functions of the lower centres which preside

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tralize its effects. And further I presume that he must have a

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into the private practice of the physician and compelled him to recog-

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trachea was large enough to prevent asphyxia from coming on very rapidly,

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ilar conditions as those which obtain in fecal impaction.

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tical experience of an earnest and successful teacher. The gynecology

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down in his throat." Examination of the fauces reveals nothing which

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cavity. Pentastoma constrictum has been found in the human liver

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"In United States v. Calhoun, 39 Fed., 604, Judge Simonton,

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complete asepsis, good drainage, thorough subsequent fixation and absolute

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exclude. Such separation cannot be effected in liquid media, and we must