"I'M THE ONLY PERSON I know," Leonard Bernstein once

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insensible to temperature, and to pain, but there was no loss of motor power;

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actual growth of the leg and thigh is not less, on the average, than the

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ment is far more unfavorable than recurrent fever which quickly responds

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abdomen is sensitive to pressure, and particularly when these symp*

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later stages of nephritis, when anemia is present, Basham's

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gerous, but his recommendation of the use of calomel

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and made the interpretation of the systolic murmur accompanying a defect of the

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write E. M. Realty Co., 5526 19th Ave., Kenosha, Wis.

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in the bones, and perhaps in other tissues. This important

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Some bacteria produce acid, others alkali — these physiological differences

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but, from obfervations on the vegetable kingdom, it appears that

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phuric acid. The vapor is dangerously pungent, and the liquid

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after its disinfection; 10, the clothes of patients should

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Lanceolatns From the Intestine. — Dr. Simon Flexner

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All are familiar with the acute symptoms from the brain,