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surprise me. It is difiicult to believe that even a moderate amount
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to adopt the system, but on the other hand, many of them are very
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a list of 123 contributors is given, amongst whom are included
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The failure of the contractile function is responsible for
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pulse 90, of better strength. Dec. 15th. — Appetite very much impaired within the
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cheerfulness with w^hich the nurses and staff" accepted the extra
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its object to ascertain the numbers vaccinated within a certain
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April 15th. — Appears brighter to-day ; sixteen ounces
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follow than in the other form characterized by suppuration, according
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septicaemia is often very difficult ; for the chief symptoms to
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taken away. Hamilton says, take away forty ounces at once, and
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■•ne or t\() Carrel's tubes. Ether is another useful antiseptic for this
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cemia. The condition being one of fever-producing tox-
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and Portland streets, druggists. They may be obtained at No. 9 Howard street.
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3. Typhoid immune serum is nonbactericidal for typhoid bacilli
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which considerably delayed reappearance of function. The third
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Gynajoologist Toronto General Hospital ; Physician to the Burnside Lying-in Hospital.
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erythematous redness 10 mm. in width appears, this should he re-
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the patient will complain of sudden sharp pain in the region affected.
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poisoned blood, the convulsions were not constant, and it was not until after a tolerably long
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The agents of some of these companies are irresponsible
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researches of Mr. Goodsir have been conducted on a very extensive
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tion, an abnormal fullness and prominence of the whole stomach region
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novel by Mark Twain, the most dramatic story ever written
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ing disclosed the fact that thorough work had been done.
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the lower jaw. Action, to close the jaw, or, if one acts at a time,
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ommended the following for election : President^ Bev-
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however the existence of two distinct classes of fibres, those for sensation and volition, and
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that our last institute was the str{)n<;;:est ever held in the
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body to another, the parts first affected paling as the disease passes on to
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that all require cooling, and cathartics, and depletion. Where we find
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• i:. parted b\ Mr. Jo i ph Johnston, Clinical Clerk.