on the evening of the second day he had several short naps
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nearly orthoscopic as jjracticable, and afforded com-
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in each case; also 14 cases of gonorrheal ophthalmia with positive
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cases all uncertainty can be at once settled by a proper laboratory inves-
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If artificial hyperemia is produced by means of a ligature around the
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liad referred to a contribution which he made on tlie subject, he migiit be
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trogen, or laughing gas, is a direct, potent and permanent chemico-
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enough to leave the large general hospitals, but who are
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bitter, astringent taste, similar to that of peach kernels.
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necessary encouragement to gentlemen who would gladly
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be kept freely open and the patient made to take much water, while if the
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there must also be a sclerotic process within the cord
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active essentials of the disease, the self-multiplying
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Arnold, Edmund S. F., 64 Madison Ave., New York, New York Co.
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Aciid. d. sc., Par., 1858, xlvi, 119.— Pestaiia (C.) & Bet-
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age (fig. 266) . Lay arm across the body with the thumb up in a broad
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consideration of the *' Investigation of the Patient,** and of "Disease."