pernicious anemia are cases in which the blood is being de-
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Dysentery, and Cholera. With a Preliminary Dissertation
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careful and see what is in the water before they drink it.
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with the headache, which are not especially localized to any
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navel, head and eyes ; cold extremities ; convulsions ; colic pains in the belly, simi-
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Museum ; provisionally arranged for the Use of Students, after
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and the "meat" diet. The effect of strawberries is said to be
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in question, the commonest form of all, is a follicular hyperplasia,
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special skill. In this way a great benefit would be conferred on
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* Frothingham, Fitz, Folin, and Denis, Arch. Int. Med., 1913, vol. xii,
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some of the diarrheas, particularly the fermentative, it has
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able objects, the appearance of the maimed foreign paupers that shock their feelings
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the opinion of the laryngologist and the dentist. In males it is
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of several years." The arguments are briefly, — '
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stimuli except those of a purely organic nature. Kow, y. Deen
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The term maximum concentration was introduced by Am-
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was an odor of acetone on the breath, and the nitroprussid
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other graver lesions of the genital system; in Cases 1 and 16 (as
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