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When morbid poisons act on more tissues or organs than one
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are themselves connected with stellate cells, from which the
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to blame the doctor if anything goes wrong. I will acknowledge
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less irritating than creosote, is preferable to the latter. The
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lump may develop only on one side of the nose. Orpen has
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opinions behind equivocal or evasive answers for a consid-
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universal impression that the operation is extremely
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left side was not so frequently affected, but there was a
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pressed and invaded by the sclerotic tissue. In cases of diabetes with
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in a letter on an epidemic at Oxford in 1785, thus writes: —
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relief, does not lose sight of the general plan of treatment needed
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paralysis" (Striimpell, Church, Dana, and Collins, in
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incidence of ascertained relationship among the Jews is partly due to
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ments the dye was detected in the urine. The time varied between
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Many foreign substances are apt to enter into the milk
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with the instruction that has been given for a number of years
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good, wliile in others, although the sinus had almost closed up again, the
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In every way possible exposure to reinfection during the period of convales-
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by this process of exclusion we find that the true vaso-
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the bones was tolerably firm. There were one or two points still
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3.— DeVries asserts that seasickness is not beneficial
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more than forty years of age, without a history of previous trauma,
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A very careful post-mortem showed no extension of the disease of um-
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type resembling that of biliary colic. The pain complained of
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coronary arteries by means of forceps, and to do this repeatedly, so as to observe
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would soon have proved fatal. At best, he cannot live many