(H.) Die Au.sscheidung fremder, von der Mutter auf den

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The Naval Surgeon. By W. Turnbull, A.M. 8^0. 9s. 6(1.

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their lives for the preservation of others ; and fur-

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that there was no prospect of curing them 5 1 ultimately excised, and also to Oliver

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in diarrhoea and other intestinal diseases, and this probably explains

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the specific poison of diphtheria has then been in operation it is difficult to

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doses, but sometimes this plan has failed entirely; and I have known

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oold suffices to bum or freeze the part Wounds and ulcers heal more

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* This membrane or fine web is most perceptible at an early stage, for ulti-

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difference of opinion among competent observers, some hold-

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the Discipline Committee has completed its work, as I feel, in a most satisfactory manner.

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that part devoted 10 diseases of the brain some interesting cases of

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Secretary, B. J. Lawrence, Raleigh, Jefferson Med. Coll., 1919 , 1919 1920

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at I-,yons all are suckled, mortality, 33.7 per cent."

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In Mr. Wilson's classification of 1857, half of which depends

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formed, that, in its turn, produces further degeneration in the

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a few became incurably insane, the type of their in-

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mentality. A mentality lacking in development, and defective

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Schurnoff considers suddenly developing ascites as indica-

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THE first mill erected in the United States for the special purpose of preparing

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based upon experience, and in none is greater discrimination

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the irritation produced by the presence of the stone is a catarrhal process

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likely one. Another interesting point is the long time

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limbs ; it matters not what method is chosen, J He is now aged about 45, and in good health,

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the lobes, but its position, that determines the amount of danger.

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no influence, provided he has bram-power. Let him '

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instance a diploma was made out in the name of a child a year

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A vessel arriving at a port where there is yellow fever should, if

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XXXI. — A Case of K.ccAsi^on of the Sjdeeii for Ihiijifure.

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the onset is entirely different. It is sudden, the symptoms are established

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cember, the proceedings of which have been issued in the form of a

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Dr Jordan states that the sensitivity of today’s cerebro-

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cacious, taken together, the principles of respect for au-

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deviations from the natural size and form, as well as

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ternal organs bave been merged in tbe bues of putrescence^ wben tbe

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Linne " was precocious, had a cranium hydrocephalic in form. He

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These effects are produced within the first fifteen minutes after