favorable to good health. These gases are caused by
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Anat. u. z. allg. Path., Jena, 1899, xxv, 302-430, 1 pi.—
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After the fifth year adult values are the rule. In adult life a physio-
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carefully for anastomosis, and, in one specimen, lie for
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size, requires the employment of some dilating instrument,
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secondarily, but the processes and borders are enlarged.
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other nerves going to the blood-vessels, of the brain proper, also receive an irritation.
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agrees better with tbe facts. I shall only mention a few of the re*
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Washington, D. C, at $900 a year, with maintenance ;
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the washings revealed nothing as to the poison taken.
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1875. Clabk, Andbbw, F.B.C.S., 71, Harley-street, W. c.
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Then I had to see people before the heart was affected, I had to
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lines he laid down, not because of the existence of any distinct and
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tren, the one generally adopted at the present time, is thus modified by
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water manufacturers, to charge the waters strongly with carbonic
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similar institution seemed most likely to secure the objects in
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for that which is due to the wound of the parietes when
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poorer the patient the more his money was needed for
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opened, underlying brain found quite normal. Patient made uninter-
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sugar, pepper, and acid. One of the most objectionable of this class,
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peyote (lophophora williamsii) cactus
its cavity into the cavity of the body of the uterus — but from the general
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of John T. Connor, President of Merck & Company
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quite apparent that he had horror of killing a fellow-
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programs for the month. The various section secretaries, together
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find that its composition bears a close resemblance to that of human
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In my school visitation it has seemed to me that one of the greatest
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unsound mind. A medical man should in all cases avoid giving as a lkct
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about ,£26,000. The Lord Mayor pointed out how the hospital benefited
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i skarlatina v S.-Peterbnrgle. | Di])btheria and scarlet
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one, especially in a pathological point of view. In a physio-
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The patient was attended by a midwife during the first
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corrected will soon and surely lead to results of the most appalling cha-
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cable, upon grounds which, to them seemed insurmountable,
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the medical public to see fever treated in this mode, and to re-
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outstanding oculists, has been sponsoring a bill sub-
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glected. Hence we may account for the little knowledge we
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rative potency depends. These are microscopically minute bodies,
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of malignant disease, the diagnosis must be made from tuberculous
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plicated cases and is completed in from three to four weeks, the haemoglobin
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his own, done mostly in hospitals, with a general mor-